Tories abandon NHS Accident & Emergency targets until 2019

Last Saturday 3rd February, despite cold and rainy weather, 60,000 people marched in London to defend our NHS. The demonstrators, stretching from Gower Street to Downing Street, denounced the crisis caused by Theresa May and the Tories. This was the first of many important events planned this year to support the struggle to defence the NHS from Tory under-funding and ongoing privatisation of public services.

Momentum Reading attended this rally – we apologise if some of you received our email a little too late to join us – it’s now inevitable that protests will continue however, as the conservatives have confirmed they have abandoned the four hour A&E target, along with the 18 week treatment target which was abandoned last year.

It’s clear that the Conservatives have no intention of adequately funding or competently running our NHS, and in effect are putting all of us at risk.

Coverage of this protest, and at the poor performance of the Conservative government in this area has been surprisingly muted, but we must keep up the pressure.

Save the NHS! Tories out!!!

Reading Momentum is organising action with our colleagues across West Berkshire to highlight the impact of damaging Tory plans for NHS services in our local area and campaign to stop them in their tracks. If you want to join in the campaign to defend our local NHS services, let us know.