R&DLP Annual General Meeting

 On Wednesday 26th July Reading and District Labour Party will hold it’s Annual General Meeting (AGM)

R&DLP AGM: Wednesday 26th July, 8pm, Council Chambers off Bridge Street

An earlier version of this post mentioned our intention to share publicly available information with regards to candidates for EC roles on this blog. We’ve now been informed that the CLP will not be making this information available publicly through their website and have edited this post to clarify that this information will be sent by email to Labour Party members. 

It’s been a busy time for democracy lately and the AGM is hugely important as Reading Labour Members will get to vote for the all important Reading District Executive Committee.

The Exec. are the people who run the Reading and District Labour Party. What the Labour Party does locally is up to them, from setting the agenda for CLP meetings to running the Election Campaigns. Bear in mind, we’re hoping for a new election very soon, so the people you vote in will be key players in how that’s run in Reading. We run through the roles up for election below.

We should know in advance of the meeting who has put themselves forward as candidates. The deadline for applications is Sunday the 23rd and the candidates should be revealed shortly after, so keep and eye out for an email with that information from the CLP. We feel it is very important to ask questions to those who are standing to run our local party and hope that there will be opportunities to do so (ultimately though, it is down to the current Exec. as to how the meeting will be conducted).

Most importantly of all, we implore you all to attend. Momentum Reading is about encouraging the democratic process within the Labour Party (as well as getting our local MPs into parliament), this democracy starts with turning up at branch and CLP meetings (R&DLP is your local CLP).

We will be offering buddy’s for those of you who haven’t attended a Labour Party meeting before and would like someone to meet you outside and take you through the stages of the meeting. If you’d like a friendly buddy, please send us a message on FB or email: readingmomentum@gmail.com.

Roles up for election

  1. Chair of Reading and District Labour Party – This is the senior position in the branch/CLP. Chairing meetings is only part of the job; together with the secretary, the chair guides and oversees activities and campaigns, plans meetings, etc. 
  2. Treasurer of Reading and District Labour Party – Responsible for overseeing the finances of the CLP and the branches. 
  3. Secretary of Reading and District Labour Party – Communicates with members, answers their questions etc; works with the chair to ensure meetings run smoothly and oversees activities and campaigns, plans meetings, etc.
  4. Vice-Chair (Reading East CLP) – Assists the chair with the above role and chairs when needed. 
  5. Vice-Chair (Reading West CLP) – Assists the chair with the above role and chairs when needed. 
  6. Women’s Officer (Reserved for a female)
  7. Youth Officer (Member must be 26 or under)
  8. BAME Officer (Member must be a member of the BAME Community)
  9. LGBT Officer (Member must be a member of the LGBT Community)
  10. Campaigns and Organiser
  11. IT Co-ordinator
  12. Fundraising and Events
  13. Trade Union Liaison
  14. EC Member (At Large)
  15. Chair of the Policy Committee
  16. RDLP Auditor (2 Vacancies)
  17. Group Observers (6 Vacancies)

A more detailed description of each of the roles is available here.

Nominate yourself to one of the roles here. (Deadline 6pm 23rd July)

If you want to talk about whether candidates are already going forward for particular roles email readingmomentum@gmail.com

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