Reading Election Campaign Round-Up

Reading East has a new Labour MP! This is an excellent outcome as Reading wasn’t considered a marginal. Positive news for Reading West too where the Tory majority was halved. Momentum activists have been very busy joining the Reading & District Labour Party on the campaign trail in both Reading constituencies and this hasn’t gone unnoticed. The day after the election, Reading East MP Matt Rodda called our very own Paul to thank Momentum Reading for our campaigning. He said that Reading Momentum members’ contribution had been “superb, absolutely brilliant!”.

Below is a quick round-up of the Reading Campaign and we couldn’t help showing off a bit about our contribution:


We’re really proud of the effort by the Reading & District Labour Party and Momentum Reading activists in this campaign – thank you to everyone who helped out.

Join those 14 people who will be at the Great Expectations, Library Room next Saturday at 7.30 to celebrate our local victory!

By Katy