Election day.

To Momentum Reading members and supporters,

I’ve been the social media manager for Momentum Reading since the organisation came into existence last August. It’s been an absolute pleasure to meet people passionately campaigning for a socialist government. I hope that you’ve found the Momentum Reading Facebook page and blog informative and helpful. I’ve learnt a lot from being behind it.

I work in a primary school in inner-Reading. It’s a very grounding job as I see the government cuts affect the education system and the families of the children in my class every day. My school can’t afford to buy tissues for the classroom. A friend’s school can’t afford printing paper. It shocks me that in 2017 in a ‘developed’ country, schools cannot afford these basic things.

The election is upon us. I genuinely don’t know how our school system is going to cope with another 5 years of cuts, so as soon as school finishes I’ll be joining Caversham ward for their election day activities. One of the things I’ve heard on the campaign trail in Reading is just how many potential Labour voters just don’t vote on the day. If we can knock on doors and get people to the polling station, we might, just might get a socialist government in power on Friday.  Every single person who helps out makes a difference, you’ll realise that as soon as you arrive at the polling station. Reading and District Labour Party need every one of us getting the vote out. That’s what I’ll be doing anyway and I implore you to do the same.

In solidarity,


Find a Polling Station that needs you here: https://events.labour.org.uk/